25 Mar.
What to pay attention to when building Kunming anticorrosive wood flower stands

When building Kunming anticorrosive wood flower stands, you need to pay attention to which anticorrosive wood flower stands can not only be seen in residential areas, but also often encountered in the garden. It is not only reliable in quality, but also beautiful in appearance. Corrosion, etc., are very popular flower stands. So everyone knows what it needs to pay attention to when building? Today I will introduce one or two specifically for you. 1. Strictly follow the degreasing process and mechanical planing. Without degreasing treatment, the outflow of pine oil in the summer after installation affects the appearance, pollutes the environment, and more seriously, it will become a breakthrough for organic biological erosion of wood.

2. Strictly implement the full-cell infiltration process to fully guarantee the penetration and solid content of the preservative and ensure the antiseptic effect.

3. Strictly follow the drying curve of the material.

4. In strict accordance with the standard process concentration, strictly follow the normal temperature or medium temperature curing process.

6. The preservative with stable quality requires a special reaction axe configuration process, so that it can fully solidify and stabilize with the wood, and truly achieve the antiseptic and healthy effect.

The above is the introduction about the construction precautions of Kunming anticorrosive wood flower stand. If you want to know more about anticorrosive wood flower stand, please consult us.

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