25 Mar.
What is the performance of Kunming anticorrosive wood?

With the development of technology and society, many anti-corrosive wood products have appeared on our market. Anti-corrosive wood is widely used in wooden planks, pavilion platforms, pavilions, water corridors, flower fences, walkways, children In the game area, flower table, trash can, outdoor furniture, outdoor environment, hydrophilic environment, indoor and outdoor structure and other places and projects, let us understand the performance of Kunming anticorrosive wood and why it is widely used. Kunming anticorrosive wood has the following performance characteristics:

1. High strength: In many facilities that have special requirements for strength, Southern Pine is the best choice among coniferous species, and has the title of "the world's top structural timber".

2. High preservative: Southern pine has strong permeability. After the preservative treatment under pressure, chemical preservatives are evenly and deeply retained in the wood, which makes it excellent in preventing decay, termites and marine life. Performance, anti-corrosion ability for more than 50 years.

3. High abrasion resistance: Because southern pine has excellent corrosion resistance, it is often used in the construction of outdoor platforms, trails, bridges and other facilities. Southern pine wears very little even in frequent use.

4. High quality: Southern pine accounts for 1/4 of the total production of American coniferous pine. Due to the good management of the national forest in the United States, its growth quality is excellent and it can meet the high quality requirements of users.

5. Beautiful wood texture: The wood texture of the southern pine is unique and beautiful, which can reflect the natural beauty. From the performance of the Kunming anticorrosive wood material above, it is not difficult to find that the anticorrosive wood is widely used in various places. It is the good effect and value of these properties that bring us. If there is a need, consumers can contact our manufacturers Detailed consultation.

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