20 Feb.
What is the antique building brick in Zunyi, Guizhou?

What is the antique building brick in Zunyi, Guizhou?

Yunnan brick carving is mainly used in ancient buildings. It is an ancient building carving art and blue brick carving crafts in China. It is listed as a national intangible civilization heritage list. It was developed by the Eastern Zhou Dynasty and the Han Dynasty portrait bricks. Carving landscapes, flowers, figures and other figures on blue bricks is an important art form in ancient construction. It is mainly used to decorate the components and walls of temples, temples, views, temples and dwellings. Generally refers to sculpture crafts carved from blue brick. What is Yunnan brick carving, let's find out below. Yunnan brick carving manufacturers provide us with plans and customized processing. The service is for the construction industry, interior decoration, garden scenes, various scene projects, film and television city, ancient town street scenes, park ancient buildings, municipal squares, ancient temples, shrines, tea show Chinese decoration, Chinese home decoration, Chinese public decoration, hotel antique decoration, high-end The antique decoration of the club, the decoration of the Chinese catering industry, the decoration of ancient courtyards, the decoration of antique villas, the ancient construction of the film and television city, and the introduction of brick carving materials and technological processes: sculptors use clay or gypsum to draw and mold, and the mold making workshop makes molds Sulfur alumina, high-temperature extruded shale, natural graphite, carbon fiber material, self-improving agent, packaging and storage after vacuuming, vacuuming and high-temperature curing. Brick carving products have the characteristics of dense, freeze-thaw resistance, impact resistance, strong load, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, integrated color inside and outside, the same life as the building, environmentally friendly, non-radiation and other characteristics. 3. The thin bottom of the tire can be spray-painted, gold-plated, painted, and aged. The construction is fast, nailable and rivetable. Especially for the ground paving, a series of products are planned and developed, which are highly wear-resistant and the car can be rolled.

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