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What are the types of preservative wood, are you right?

There are three main types of preservative wood in Changsha. One is to add ordinary wood preservatives with chemical preservatives to make them resistant to corrosion, moisture, fungi, insects, ants, mildew and water. One is preservative wood without preservatives, called deep carbonized wood, also known as heat-treated wood. Carbonized wood is to carbonize the effective nutrient components of the wood and to achieve the purpose of anticorrosion by blocking the nutrient chain of the livelihood of the old rot fungus; the other is natural anticorrosive wood, which has deep and staggered texture, thick structure, hard quality, high strength and dry Very small shrinkage, corrosion resistance, and good stability;

1. Southern Pine

The southern pine, also known as the southern yellow pine, is the title of four tree species clusters such as longleaf pine, short pine pine, wetland pine and loblolly pine, which grows in the vast area of the southern United States. The pine species in the southern part of the United States are attributed to the most powerful, non-tough and most versatile wood in structural uses. Because of its special cell placement, Southern Pine is also the best tree species for pressure-treated preservative wood.


1. The largest sales volume and the most application: American Southern Pine is the most widely used and most widely used anticorrosive wood in the world every year;

2. The wood texture is thick and deep, clear and beautiful, with a special wood appearance;

3. High strength and excellent structural strength: American Southern Pine has special strength and structural strength, and has the reputation of being the “International King of Cork” in the wood construction profession. Because of its excellent bending and shearing abilities, Southern Pine can meet the planned load capacity at a smaller standard scale, which greatly reduces the amount of wood used in practice and reduces capital costs.

4. Good abrasion resistance under high use: American Southern Pine is often used for floor boards, balconies, railway platforms and container floors, because under high application, American Southern Pine not only wears less but also prevents splitting;

5. The high retention of wood preservatives. The ability of the southern pine of the United States to accept the high-pressure injection of pharmacy, each cubic foot can retain 20lb, and its high permeability makes the southern pine free from moisture, decay, termites and marine life. Antiseptic ability can last 50 years

6. "Monotonous" is a quality requirement that specifically regulates the wood below 2 inches (2 ') thick in the South American Pine Grading Rules. The moisture content must be reduced to 19%. Appropriate monotony can determine the shortening rate, stability and applicability of wood.

7. The height of the screws and nails is one of the characteristics of the southern pine of the United States. It is more and more important for the building structure frame. 2. Finnish wood Finnish wood is also a kind of anticorrosive wood in practice. The primary material is the Nordic red pine (Pinussilvestris) ), Mainly grown in Finland. This is the most favorable place for the growth of high-quality wood in the world. Abnormal cold and long winter make only about 100 days of the year suitable for tree growth, and slow and symmetrical growth creates the best wood. The wood is strong, the texture is uniform and straight, and the knots are small and few. The low-resin, natural-textured Nordic wood is the wood of choice for many professions over the centuries and is hailed as the "green diamond of Northern Europe." Finland is the country with the highest forest coverage rate in Northern Europe and the second largest in the world. It is also the earliest country to import the preservative Nordic red pine into China. Therefore, it is customary to call the Nordic red pine preservative wood "Finnish wood". Features: 1. Nordic red pine has a good structural function, the texture is uniform and fine, and the quality is high. The Nordic red pine grows in severe cold areas, slow-growing tree species, tight wood, low fat content, wood fiber texture, small knots, and higher strength than most softwood tree species. It is attributed to artificial preservative wood, which is treated with ACQ preservatives under pressure and KDAT (secondary kiln dried) field preservative wood. 2. The Finnish anti-corrosion material is vacuum degreased, and the water-soluble preservative ACQ is poured into the closed high-pressure warehouse, so that the medicinal juice is immersed in the deep cells of the wood, so that the wood has the functions of anti-fungal, pedant, termite and other parasites , And high density, high strength, good nail holding force, clear texture and decorative effect. 3. Russian Pinus sylvestris Pinus sylvestris var. Sylvestris var. Sylvestris var. Sylvestris var. Sylvestris var. Sylvestris var. Sylvestris var. Mongolica. The life of wood is e

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