20 Mar.
What are the requirements for the design of Guiyang anticorrosive wood color

Anticorrosive Wood Co., Ltd. provides you with free information about Guizhou Anticorrosive Wood Wholesale, Guiyang Anticorrosive Wood Wholesale, Guiyang Anticorrosive Wood Manufacturers Wholesale and other related information release and latest information, so stay tuned! There are also differences in the color of wood sapwood. But in general, the natural hint of wood is a kind of simple, comfortable and comfortable feeling. The treated anticorrosive wood comes in different colors such as light green, light green, gray, and dark gray. From yellowish to reddish brown series. The colors in this series are actually very close to the property colors of the wood itself, or people often think of these colors in relation to wooden landscapes or products. The application of this type of color is relatively popular and generally feels harmonious with the external environment. It is easy to be seen by users and rarely attracts negative opinions. Therefore, they are also often used colors. But when these colors are used a lot, they will also produce a thousand rhythms, lacking a sense of change. Bold use of non-wood natural properties of colors, sometimes even exaggerated colors. This usage is seen in the wooden sceneries in my ancient northern home garden. For example, the pillars of the pavilion are painted with a red color, and the pavilion itself is mainly represented by red and green colors. This is because the climate in the north of China is cold and the winter is dull, so I use the bright colors of the building to make up for it. In Scandinavian countries, Finland, this usage is almost everywhere. But wood products in modern urban landscapes rarely use these more exaggerated colors. The above is the introduction of the requirements for the design of the color of anticorrosive wood. Which one is better in Guizhou? What is the wholesale quote for Guiyang anticorrosive wood? How about the quality of anti-corrosion wood manufacturers in Guiyang?

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