20 Mar.
Treatment method of Guiyang antiseptic wood after soaking

Anticorrosive Wood Co., Ltd. provides you with free information about Guizhou Anticorrosive Wood Wholesale, Guiyang Anticorrosive Wood Wholesale, Guiyang Anticorrosive Wood Manufacturers Wholesale and other related information release and latest information, so stay tuned! After the anti-corrosive wood foam flooring, remove the furniture and items immediately above, try not to step on it, and quickly drain the surface water. Remove the skirting line at the edges as soon as possible, exposing the floor expansion joints to emit water vapor. Never pry the floor up to dry. After the solid wood floor is soaked in water, the surface water should be wiped dry as soon as possible, and the vacuum cleaner can be pointed at the splicing gap of the soaked floor to absorb water vapor. Or use a blower to blow the splicing seam with cold air until it is dry. Do not use hot air to prevent the surface from drying and cracking due to heat and drying. If the floor is covered with water in a small area and there is not much water, after cleaning the water on the surface as soon as possible, you can use the cold air of a vacuum cleaner or a hairdryer to absorb the water immersed in the gaps between the floors. Depending on the degree of water ingress, it usually takes about 7 to 15 days for the floor to dry completely. A floor with good quality or a short period of water immersion can recover on its own. If after 15 days it is found that the floor is warped or the flatness cannot be recovered, then replacement should be considered. Which is the best anti-corrosion wood in Guizhou? What is the wholesale quote for Guiyang anticorrosive wood? How about the quality of anti-corrosion wood manufacturers in Guiyang?

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