25 Apr.
Some antiseptic wood is usually emerald green or dark blue

Some antiseptic wood is usually emerald green or dark blue

People also know how to buy outdoor preservative wood. When buying wholesale antiseptic wood products, first look at the surface color. The preservative wood is usually emerald green or dark blue, because the additives of CCA or ACQ wood contain copper oxide. However, it should be noted that color is not a key quality standard for preservative wood. Because many manufacturers now choose some simple methods when making anti-corrosion wood, such as the water bubble intrusion method and the color paste brushing method to counterfeit qualified anti-corrosion wood, so it must be more distinguished when buying. In addition, we should pay attention to inquiries about the surface of the wood, such as knots, cracks and deformation. Because the knot is not only harmful to the beauty of wood, but also a key method for bacteria and insects to corrode wood. If there are cracks or deformation, it means that the wood drying treatment is unqualified. Therefore, we must pay attention to check when we buy. In the case of purchasing preservative wood wholesale products, everyone should pay attention to the preservative wood loading and the penetration of additives, that is, the number of kilograms of additives per cubic meter of wood. Because the loading dose is harmful to the anti-corrosion performance and environmental protection function of the anti-corrosion wood, and the penetration degree of the anti-corrosion wood refers to the penetration of additives into the deep layer of the wood. In general, the deeper the penetration, the less likely the high-pressure treated wood will be severely damaged. Therefore, it is important to understand clearly when purchasing preservative wood wholesale products.

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