21 Feb.
Scenic anti-corrosion wood flower box landscape green flower pot Guizhou wooden flower box custom wood flower box custom flower box

Scenic anti-corrosion wood flower box landscape green flower pot Guizhou wooden flower box custom wood flower box custom flower box

What are the common types of anticorrosive wood flower boxes, I hope to help everyone better understand them

One: Russian Pinus sylvestris flower box. Russian Pinus sylvestris var.mongolica can be directly subjected to full-section anti-corrosion treatment by high-pressure infiltration. Its excellent mechanical performance and beautiful texture are highly recommended by designers and engineers. Russian Pinus sylvestris anticorrosive materials have a wide range of applications, such as wooden planks, pavilion platforms, pavilions, waterside corridors, flower fences, walkways, children's play areas, flower platforms, trash cans, outdoor furniture, outdoor environments, and hydrophilic environments. It can be used for indoor and outdoor structures. Due to its unique anti-corrosion process, all architectural works can be stored for a long time. Of course, this is also an important reason for the use of Pinus sylvestris

Type two: Nordic pine. European red pine of high quality has anti-rot, anti-termite and anti-fungal effects after special anti-corrosion treatment. It is specially used in outdoor environment and can be directly used in contact with water and soil. It is the preferred material for wooden floors, fences, bridges, planks and other wooden objects in outdoor garden landscapes. The flower box made of Nordic pine is not only beautiful and elegant in appearance, but also has a long service life, which effectively saves resources.

Type three: Western red cedar. Western red cedar is the highest grade of preservative wood in North America. Its excellent antiseptic ability is derived from a naturally occurring alcohol called Thujaplicins; in addition, an extractable acid called Thujic in red cedar ensures that the wood is not attacked by insects, no further artificial work Preservative and pressure treatment. Red cedar has excellent stability, long service life and difficult to deform. In addition, it is also suitable for high humidity environments, such as saunas, bathrooms and kitchens. It is used to make cabinets and wardrobes to prevent cockroaches and roundworms. Red cedar is very popular in the global market because it is not chemically treated and purely natural. Such a good anti-corrosion wood material is naturally the first choice for making flower boxes. Type four: Ponderosa Pine (Southern Pine). Ponderosa pine (Southern pine) has the best strength and specific gravity, has excellent nail holding power, and is the highest strength western cork. Anticorrosive and pressure treated cedar, the preservative can reach the wood core directly. During the installation process, it can be cut arbitrarily, and the section need not be brushed with anti-corrosive paint. The product can be used in seawater or river water without any corrosion. This kind of flower box made of antiseptic wood is usually used in some places with harsh environment. Type five: Hemlock. Hemlock is the most elegant and widely used tree species in the North American market. In terms of strength, it is slightly lower than yellow pine, which is more suitable for anticorrosive treatment. The pressure-preserved hemlock wood is both beautiful and strong, comparable to natural and durable North American red cedar. Hemlock can maintain a stable shape and size without shrinking, swelling, warping or distortion, and it is resistant to tanning. Almost all wood will turn black after prolonged sun exposure, but hemlock can maintain the color when it is newly sawn after years of sun exposure. Hemlock has strong nail grip and excellent adhesive properties, can accept a variety of surface coatings, and is very wear-resistant. It is an economical wood suitable for various outdoor uses and an economic material for making flower boxes.

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