25 Apr.
Precautions when using anticorrosive wood in Guiyang, Guizhou

Precautions when using anticorrosive wood in Guiyang, Guizhou

1. At the construction site, anti-corrosion wood should be stored in a ventilated place, and sun exposure should be avoided as much as possible.

2. When installing anticorrosive wood outdoors, you should wait for the outdoor environment when the humidity is relatively dry before construction.

3. The preservative wood processed to the size should be used as much as possible, because the distribution of preservatives in the wood is gradually decreasing from the outside to the inside, and the preservative effect requires a certain amount of preservatives to achieve. Therefore, mechanical processing such as sawing and drilling of preservative wood should be avoided, especially longitudinal cutting.

4. Saw cutting and other processing will cause the corresponding corrosion resistance of the anticorrosive wood to decrease. If necessary, the anticorrosive wood needs to be sawed, drilled, tenoned, slotted, etc., and the original preservative should be used on the newly exposed wood surface. Coating treatment to remedy the new violent wood surface.

5. The sawing (horizontal) end should be used in places with little biological harm. For example, the sawed end should be used where it will not be in long-term contact with soil and water. Where water has been in contact for a long time.

6. The keel needs to be fixed when installing anti-corrosion wood, because this is the foundation to ensure that the height of the entire platform after installation is the same.

7. Paint the outdoor wood protective oil (natural plant wood wax oil) on the surface of the anti-corrosion wood after installation. Its strong permeability can penetrate deeply into the wood, produce a capillary effect with the wood fiber, and last for a long time; it can resist ultraviolet radiation , Waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof; active respiration, so that anticorrosive wood can breathe freely, adjust temperature, maintain ductility and high elasticity, delay the aging deformation and listing of anticorrosive wood; long-term adhesion does not warp, do not peel, Enhance the surface hardness of anti-corrosion wood, more wear-resistant.

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