28 Sept.
Mastering these 3 tricks when purchasing plastic wood flooring, you can choose the ideal one!

Low-carbon, environmentally friendly and durable wood-plastic flooring has replaced traditional anti-corrosion wood. We can see it in parks, scenic spots, villas, courtyards and other outdoor spaces, so when we buy plastic wood flooring, which places should we pay attention to? What? The following is a detailed introduction by Xiao Li from Yunnan WPC flooring manufacturer. 1. According to the current budget, the price of our domestic plastic wood flooring market varies greatly due to the manufacturer's formula, technology, and floor cross-sectional shape, and the products have their own characteristics. Of course, it is not ruled out that individual manufacturers are shoddy. Generally speaking, if the economic conditions are good, solid wood-plastic flooring is mostly used; if the budget is limited, hollow wood-plastic flooring is also acceptable. 2. According to the area of use, if you live in the north, where the temperature difference between morning and evening or winter and summer is large, but the air humidity is relatively small, it is recommended to use hollow plastic wood flooring with round holes; if you live in the south, the temperature difference in four seasons is small, but the air In areas with high humidity, it is recommended that you use solid wood-plastic flooring; if you want to install wood-plastic flooring on the roof and the flow of people is also small, you can choose hollow square holes; if you plan to pave wood-plastic flooring on For public leisure and entertainment places with crowds of people, please choose more wear-resistant and aging-resistant co-extruded wood-plastic flooring; in addition, it is worth noting that whether it is wood-plastic flooring with hollow square holes or hollow holes, it must be installed Pay attention to the plugging of the holes in the section to prevent insects or water vapor from entering. 3. According to the design plan of outdoor decoration, whether it is cool or warm, the colors you can see can affect your mood and design style; the color, texture, thickness, width, length, etc. of plastic wood flooring There is a lot of room for selection, and even completely personalized customization. Therefore, please consult a professional designer or plastic wood material professional before purchasing plastic wood flooring, so as to avoid the actual installation effect and the design are different. Yunnan WPC flooring manufacturer specializes in making sculpture planks, you need to give us other things.

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Mastering these 3 tricks when purchasing plastic wood floori

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