25 Mar.
Kunming Anticorrosive Wood Flower Stand

Kunming anti-corrosion wood is also a new product in recent years. Anti-corrosion wood is also used to make various furniture and products. Anti-corrosion wood flower stands are one of them. So how should the anti-corrosion wood be selected and maintained? 1. Anti-corrosion wood project. China's research on anticorrosive wood flower stands is not long. It began in 2006. It first entered the domestic research field and made anticorrosive wooden products. After that, many companies also entered the field for emulation and research. A flower stand, also called a scaffold or green gallery, is a kind of garden facility that is made of rigid materials and is constructed by various climbing plants.

2. The flower stand can be used for shade and rest, and can decorate the garden. The design of the flower stand should understand the origin and growth habits of the configured plants in order to create conditions and shape requirements suitable for plant growth. The current antiseptic wood flower stand has two functions. On the one hand for people to rest and enjoy the scenery; on the other hand to create conditions for climbing plants to grow. Therefore, it can be said that the flower stand is the closest garden piece to nature. 3. Advantages of anticorrosive wood flower stand: Although the price of ordinary wood is low, its durability is poor. Because flower stands are usually outdoors, anticorrosive wood has good characteristics of antisepsis, insect resistance, and waterproof. Anticorrosive wood flower stands not only have a simple and natural appearance, but also make up for the shortcomings of poor durability of ordinary wood, so it can be said that it is best to make flower stands. Building materials. Hunan anticorrosive wood 4. With the development of bionic technology, the bionic invention of anticorrosive wood flower stand is gradually applied to people's lives. Designers pay attention to the imitation fruit, but also pay attention to the laws of natural change. 5. It can be seen from the long history of the creation of the anti-corrosive wood flower stand that there are many methods of creation that still have a great effect. Not only can people realize that the appearance of the product is closely related to the biological form, but also trigger the inspiration of the creation of bionic products.

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