27 Apr.
Introduction to the availability of anticorrosive wood flower stands

The editor of Guiyang Anti-corrosion Wood introduces you to the availability of anti-corrosion wood flower stands: under normal circumstances, the wrought iron flower stand is more European-style, and the wooden flower stand is more rural-style, but it is carefully distinguished according to the different color of the flower stand. Many garden flower stands will choose Xiangyang anti-corrosion wood flower stands. Anti-corrosion wood flower stands have many advantages, but how many people know anti-corrosion wood flower stands in real life. The form of flower stand is: corridor type flower stand. The common form is that the wooden column is supported on the left and right beams and columns, and visitors can rest in it. Sliced flower stand. The plate is embedded and fixed on the unidirectional beam and cantilevered on both sides or one side, and the body is light and lively. Freestanding flower stand. 1. The anticorrosive wood flower stand is also very common outdoors, it can be used for shading and rest, and can also decorate the garden. On the one hand, people can rest and enjoy the scenery; on the one hand, create conditions for climbing plants to grow. 2. The anti-corrosion wood flower stand has high toxicity and is very strong in killing fungi. Tests have shown that the anti-corrosion wood flower stand is particularly prominent in the anti-mold and anti-corrosion performance. Rest is in the summer evening, sitting under this flower-covered flower stand, it is both comfortable and relaxing. 3. Anti-corrosion wood is not a kind of natural growing tree, but it is called anti-corrosion wood after processing with natural wood. Antiseptic wood is generally treated with vacuum and pressure by preservatives and wood, so that the wood has the characteristics of antisepsis and mildew. The anticorrosive wood flower stand itself has a good decorative effect.

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