25 Mar.
How to set up the anticorrosive wood flower stand correctly

How to set up the anticorrosive wood flower stand correctly

Everyone may have noticed that there are a lot of flower stands in the community we live in now, but don't underestimate this flower stand. It can provide me a place to rest, and entertainment after meals is also good. Generally, these are antiseptic wooden flower stands. So how should we build such an antiseptic wooden flower stand? Next, let the editor of the Kunming anti-corrosive wood flower stand manufacturer tell you something.

1. The general flower racks are four columns, two column crossbars, and the rest on the top rung depends on Party B's requirements, such as a bag of cement, a total of four bags of sand and gravel, weatherproof outdoors Wood oil, moving ladder frame. So good tools: fixed cutter, mobile cutter, jigsaw, angle grinder, electric drill, iron drill, hammer, horizontal pipe, spirit level, shovel, file.

2. Sand all the wood once, or touch it after the wood has been processed. Then you still need to dig up the pillar holes within the range specified by the specifications. Generally, the holes can be dug as deep as possible. Of course, there are some anti-corrosion wood that need to be standardized according to its required specifications. The length and width of the column material are determined, for example, 20 * 20 wood is used as the column, then the hole needs 40 * 40, and the gap left to make some space for the cement in the tank.

3, remember to cut a mouth on the top of the pillar, two two openings in one direction, because two pillars in this way is connected to one rung, one rung connected to two posts. Draw the gaps for each seat of the upper rung you planned for the column rung, and then process the upper rung. First draw a mouth for the upper rung, which is the width of the column rung. Draw on the upper rung. , So that you can use the mobile cutter to open the mouth, and then you use a file to flatten the mouth.

4. Finally, the anticorrosive wood flower stand is recommended. After making the anticorrosive wood flower stand, then remember to pour cement around the anticorrosive wood flower stand, fix the anticorrosive wood flower stand, and then paint the surface. Thereby, the anticorrosive wood flower stand can be used well.

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