25 Apr.
How to protect Liupanshui anticorrosive wood floor in Guizhou

How to protect Liupanshui anticorrosive wood floor in Guizhou

1. Despite the wood's super anti-corrosion, insect-proof and moisture-proof performance, the southern rainy season is too much. If it is exposed to rain for a long time and no effective treatment is done, it is likely to cause damage to the wood interior. When the wooden floor is contaminated with liquid or other stains, it should be wiped dry with a rag.

Second, in the daily use process, we should insist on the dust removal treatment of Southern Pine Floor. It should be understood that the accumulation of dust not only affects the appearance of the wooden floor, but also more likely to penetrate into the internal structure, thereby affecting the anticorrosive performance, safety performance and durability of the anticorrosive wood.

3. Mastering the correct maintenance methods of Southern Pine, you can first make effective treatment when the anticorrosive wood is damp due to weather and other reasons. Now many home users will find that this kind of anticorrosive wood floor will have different degrees of mold after wet. It is recommended that you use bleach and proper water to mix at this time, and then use this liquid to help the moldy floor to wipe. Very serious mildew spots can be removed.

4. For the daily mopping of pine flooring in the south, wipe and clean it with a rag as much as possible. And we suggest that you prepare a dry rag and a wet rag. After using the wet rag to wipe, wipe off the water stains on the floor as soon as possible. .

5. Among the correct maintenance methods, it is also very important to choose special cleaning products from professional regular manufacturers.

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