25 Mar.
How to make anticorrosive wood in Kunming anticorrosive wood project?

Kunming anticorrosive wood is good-looking and practical for our lives. Many people lament his anticorrosiveness, so how does the anticorrosive wood project give you an anticorrosive wood?

Step 1: The process of vacuum and high pressure impregnation is a key step of antiseptic treatment. Firstly, the physical process of driving the preservative into the wood is achieved. At the same time, the chemical reaction between the effective ingredients of the preservative and starch, cellulose and sugar in the wood is completed This process destroys the living environment of the bacteria and insects that cause the wood to rot, and effectively improves the outdoor anticorrosive performance of the wood.

Step 2: Qualitating at high temperature Continue to make the preservative penetrate into the interior of the preservative wood as uniformly as possible at high temperature, and continue to complete the chemical reaction process between the active ingredients of the preservative and starch, cellulose and sugar in the wood. Further destroy the living environment of bacteria and insects that cause wood decay.

Step 3: Natural air-drying Natural air-drying requires air-drying at the actual place where the wood is used. This process is to adapt to the changes in the structure of wood cells caused by environmental changes in outdoor open-air wooden floors and outdoor special anti-corrosive wooden floors. The maximum degree of fixation during the process to avoid changes during use. Kunming anti-corrosion wood project, for the process of preserving wood, I believe everyone must have some understanding, but each manufacturer must pay attention to the use of preservatives, not excessively harmful to humans.

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