25 Mar.
How to buy anticorrosive wood gazebo in Yunnan?

The anticorrosive wood pavilion is used in many parks, outdoors, and entertainment places. Its application effect and experience effect are also good, and it also has the effect of beautifying the environment. Then how to buy anti-corrosion wood gazebo in Yunnan, let's take a look below. One look at the appearance of a preservative wood gazebo. The high-quality gazebo has a fine workmanship and fine and vivid carving. Hand-carving is not computer engraving. Are there any gaps at the joints and inlays? There are no thorny places, whether it's a post or a fence, table, chair, etc. Second, look at the selection of anticorrosive wood pavilions. Most high-quality pavilions are made of cedar fir and clear wood. Incense fir is known as the "natural preservative wood in the wood". Benefits: ① The natural wood scent. The incense fir contained in incense fir can kill the finest in the air. The top of the high-quality pavilion has a three-layer design, the inner layer is a layer of carbonized wood, the middle layer is a waterproof board, and the outer layer is a carbonized wood tile. Generally, glazed tiles are used. You can rest assured that it is placed outdoors. The lines of the lights inside the pavilion are all laid out before leaving the factory. There are slots in the four m-shaped beams on the top of the pavilion, and there are wires inside the gourd top. Fourth, look at the size. Anti-corrosion wood pavilions are roughly divided into four angles, six angles, eight angles, double layers, three layers, and special shapes. It is recommended that consumers look at the style in advance, measure the specific size, choose the appropriate style, and recommend that the best foundation is laid because The weight of a conventional gazebo is generally more than 400 Kg. Considering whether long-term contact and stress can cause the ground to deform and sink, making the anticorrosive wood gazebo uneven. Fifth, look at the manufacturing process of anticorrosive wood gazebo. The gazebos currently on the market have different production processes. Generally, the gazebos have undergone 39 procedures such as drug soaking, high temperature cooking, baking, antiseptic, and carbonization ... Don't question this. Not talking about food cooking techniques, but a furniture store owner using carbonized wood as a gazebo to explain to Xiaobian the production process behind the special texture of the furniture. Natural, environmentally friendly, safe, and more suitable for home use.

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