25 Mar.
How to better protect and maintain high-end Finnish wood in Kunming?

How to better protect and maintain high-end Finnish wood in Kunming? Just like our skin needs regular maintenance, Finnish wood also needs regular protection and maintenance, so that it can be timely inspected to find whether the appearance of Finnish wood is damaged and can be resolved in time. Many consumers only know about simple appearance cleaning, but they do n’t know how to change it. Good protection and maintenance of Finnish wood products, Changsha Anticorrosive Wood has organized some simple Finnish wood protection and maintenance methods for you to better protect and maintain high-end Finnish woods in Kunming.

First, the periodic inspection and maintenance should be well-known for the protection and maintenance cycle of Finnish wood, half of which is once every six months, mainly to check the external appearance, whether it is scratches, cracks and other problems, and then re-painted with wood wax oil, to achieve Regular inspections, early detection of problems, timely treatment of problems, can not wait until the problem is serious, and then deal with it, this will make the problem worse and affect the service life of Finnish wood.

Second, the appearance of polished Finnish wood will be scratched after using it for a period of time. These scratches may be caused by the fine sand on the sole and the Finnish wood. We need to choose 100 # to polish and polish along the wood grain, and gradually increase Fineness of sandpaper. After finishing, use a brush to clean up the remaining stains.

Third, the painting of wood wax oil There are certain techniques for painting wood wax oil. Soft cloth is the most traditional method, and the other is rubbing. The benefit of scrubbing is that it can save wood wax oil. It also shows good results. If you are dealing with a large area, brushing is recommended here because common wood wax oils are high in content. Brushing needs to add a thinner for dilution. The dilution is for easy brushing. In addition, it is necessary to prevent the brush from being too thick and then demand More time, the soft cloth according to the standard does not lint or fade, so as to achieve the best painting effect, and better maintenance of Finnish wood.

Summary: Through the above explanations, have you already grasped better Finnish wood protection and maintenance skills?

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