25 Mar.
How practical is Kunming antiseptic wood flower stand?

How practical is Kunming antiseptic wood flower stand?

Generally speaking, wrought iron flower stands are more European-style, while wooden flower stands are more idyllic. The selected flower stand should be consistent with the overall style of the furniture to achieve harmony and unity. In order to express the natural charm, many garden flower stands will choose Wuhan anticorrosive wood. Anticorrosive wood flower stands have many advantages, but in real life, how many people know about anticorrosive wood flower stands.

The form of flower stand is: gallery flower stand. In the most common form, wooden pillars are supported on the left and right beam columns, and visitors can rest inside. Slice flower stand. The plate is embedded in a one-way beam and column, cantilevered on both sides or one side, light and lively. Freestanding flower stand. Various materials are used as spaces to form the shape of walls, vases, umbrella pavilions, etc., and are wrapped with vines for ornamental purposes. How about Kunming anticorrosive wood flower stand?

1. Anticorrosive wood is not a kind of naturally growing tree, but it is called anticorrosive wood only after being treated with natural wood after processing. Anticorrosive wood is generally preservative and wood are evacuated and pressurized, so that the wood has the characteristics of anticorrosion and mildew. The anticorrosive wood flower stand itself has a good decorative effect, with the rockery and water on the balcony, and the flowers and plants, how can such a picture not let people indulge in it.

2.Anticorrosive wood flower stand is highly toxic and strong in killing fungi. Experiments have shown that anticorrosive wood flower stand is particularly outstanding in mold and anticorrosion. The design of this anticorrosive wood flower stand is creative In the lower part of the flower stand, there is also a bench for people to take a rest. It is in the summer evening. Sitting under this flower-covered flower stand is comfortable and relaxing.

3. Anticorrosive wood flower stand is also very common outdoors, it can be used for shade and rest, as well as to decorate the garden. On the one hand for people to rest and enjoy the scenery; on the other hand to create conditions for climbing plants to grow. Therefore, it can be said that the flower stand is a garden sketch close to nature.

4.The flower stand made of antiseptic wood is more expensive than the flower stand made of ordinary wood, but the life of the flower stand made of ordinary wood is much longer, and its appearance is simple and natural, which makes up for the shortcomings of poor durability of ordinary wood. Therefore, it is recognized by the people.

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