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How many steps do you need to install plastic wood flooring?

Plastic wood flooring is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving material that has emerged in recent years and is a substitute for wood. We will often see in garden landscape and wall decoration. The following Lao Li from Yunnan Plastic Wood Flooring will tell you the installation method of plastic wood flooring.

(1) Before installing the wood-plastic floor 1. From the professional point of view of installing the floor, before starting the installation work, you must keep the wood-plastic floor in a dry, flat and clean state, so as to better ensure the subsequent installation work Go smoothly. 2. Prepare installation tools, electric drills, ordinary woodworking tools, labor protection gloves, stainless steel screws, etc., among which electric drills are necessary tools for installing plastic wood flooring. Plastic wood flooring is more brittle. When fixing the floor and keel, you must use electric drills to guide holes, and then install screws to fix it to avoid damage to the wood flooring.

(2) Plastic floor installation process 1. Fix the plastic-wood keel and evenly arrange the plastic-wood keel on the cement floor. It is recommended that the distance between each bulge is 30cm. Use an electric drill to guide the hole on the keel. The diameter of the lead hole should not be smaller than the diameter of the screw. Then screw the screw into the drilled hole, and fix the keel on the cement ground. The nail head should be screwed into the keel, not exposed, otherwise it may cause the floor The layout is not flat. 2. Fix the first floor. Each plastic wood floor has yin and yang grooves on the left and right sides. When paving the first floor, you can use woodworking tools to saw off or grind off the male grooves on the outside of the first floor, and then use an electric drill to guide holes on the surface of the floor, screw in nails, and fix it on the keel . 3. Fix the second floor. Clamp the male groove of the second plastic wood floor to the female groove of the first floor, and then drill the pilot hole on the side of the male groove of the second floor, and screw in the screw to fix it on On the keel, the screw spacing can be controlled by the construction personnel during the installation process, and it does not need to be too dense, as long as it is firm. The installation of the plastic wood floor at the back is the same as before, so there is no need to explain more. If there are customers who need to install wood-plastic flooring, please contact Yunnan wood-plastic flooring installation.

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How many steps do you need to install plastic wood flooring?

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