25 Mar.
How about the layout design of the ancient building project in Yunnan?

With the development of science and technology, ancient construction projects in various places in China are classified as cultural protection. Among the more ancient constructions in Yunnan that we have seen are: folding frame structure, folding courtyard-type group layout, folding plane layout and many other structures are favored by modern architectural designers. Then what about the layout design of the ancient construction project in Yunnan, the following editors will take you to understand the characteristics of the folding courtyard group layout. From the ancient documents, the ancient building image in painting has been to the existing ancient buildings. From the point of view of ancient Chinese architecture, there is a concise organization rule in terms of planar layout. This is every house, palace, official residence, temple and other buildings. It is composed of a number of single buildings and a number of enclosures, walls and the like surrounding each courtyard. Generally speaking, most courtyards are connected back and forth, and reach the backyard through the front yard. This is the product of the ideological consciousness of Chinese feudal society that "they are young and orderly. The main characters in the family, or those who should be isolated from the outside world (such as the girls of the aristocratic family), often live in the courtyard far away from the outer door, which forms a deep organization of the space from house to house. In the Song Dynasty Ouyang Xiu's "Butterfly Love" words, "How deep is the courtyard?" The ancients used the word "houmen deep like the sea" to describe the residence of big bureaucrats, which vividly illustrates the layout of Chinese architecture. Important features. At the same time, this courtyard-type group and layout are generally designed in a balanced and symmetrical manner along the longitudinal axis (also called the front and rear axis) and the horizontal axis. The more important buildings are placed on the longitudinal axis, and the secondary houses are placed on the left and right sides of the horizontal axis. The group layout of the Forbidden City in Beijing and the courtyard courtyard in the north are the typical examples that best embody this group layout principle. This layout is closely related to the patriarchal and ritual system of feudal society in China. It is the easiest way to make the difference between housing, esteem, elder and younger, male and female, master and servant according to the feudal patriarchal law and hierarchy. China's ancient architecture, like a long scroll of Chinese paintings, must be gradually shown in sections, and it is impossible to see them all at the same time. When you walk into an ancient Chinese building, you can only walk from one courtyard to another. You must walk through them to see them. This is the architectural design concept passed down in the layout design of the ancient construction project in Yunnan, and it also reflects the development concept of China's cultural history and art.

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