25 Mar.
How about the art of round sculpture in Kunming brick carving?

Kunming brick carving art is widely used in our daily production and life. In many ancient buildings and garden construction projects, we can find the figure of brick carving art. Among them, the round carving in brick carving art is widely used in us. The architecture also has the characteristics of artistic display. How is the art of the round sculpture in the brick carvings of Kunming displayed? Let's take a look. The round sculpture is a three-dimensional art, which is mainly reflected in the building's door lintels, earth rafters, etc. While mimicking the construction of wooden structures, it shows a majestic, broad, quaint and heavy decorative art form, which is an inevitable element in brick carving . The mutual application of points, lines, layouts and spaces in the engraving to achieve good form. Reflects the superb styling ability of craftsmen. In the ancient art courtyard brick carving art form, the use of circle carving is very particular. The horned beast, as a dot decoration, is a raised dot, producing a solemn, rich and strong decorative effect. At the same time, the use of the line is reflected in various aspects. The interpenetration of the lines and the selection of the decoration work in conjunction with each other to form a brickwork art that has a reality in it and a reality in it. The specifications are uniform, and the orderly lines form the aesthetic beauty of the brick carving. The stack of multi-layered round carvings constitutes the form of a three-dimensional brick imitation wood structure. Multiple levels, deep layers, perspective front and back, proportionate. A new visual form with both flat and three-dimensional forms was formed. Achieve unity of form.

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