25 Mar.
High-end Finnish wood is a "rise star" for green building materials

High-end Finnish wood is a "rise star" for green building materials

China's market has a huge demand for building materials, especially with the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection, green building materials are favored by consumers, and wood belongs to natural building materials, but it has the disadvantage of being easily corroded. Therefore, the long-term share in the building materials market is low, and With the introduction of Finnish wood, it has quickly become the "rise star" of China's green building materials market, and its utilization rate in the interior and exterior decoration material industry is also increasing. Changsha anticorrosive wood China is a big country in the use of wood, but it is not a big country in wood processing. Kunming's high-end Finnish wood has long relied on imports. Finnish wood put Nordic red pine in sealed anticorrosive tanks and injects environmentally friendly preservatives to achieve antiseptic effects. Hazardous substances are generated, so it is common in indoor and outdoor decoration. It is also more ideal than traditional bricks, stones, iron arts and other ordinary materials in creating a warm atmosphere at home. It is environmentally friendly and close to nature. At the same time, high-end Finnish wood is processed using wood. Wood is the only renewable resource in the four major building materials. The use of Finnish wood can save energy, greatly alleviate the energy crisis, and can develop sustainably. Therefore, Finnish wood has become a green building material. "Rising Star" in the market.

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