Characteristics of Carbonized Wood in Guizhou

Characteristics of Carbonized Wood in Guizhou

Guizhou carbonized wood has the following characteristics:

1. In the unit temperature of 200-230 degrees, the wood has some functions of carbon element-filtering the air in the surrounding environment, improving its own breathing quality, and driving off odors. So the true carbonized wood is "only absorbed, not released."

2. In the continuous high-temperature environment, all the insects and fungi in the wood are killed, and the nutritional components in the wood are decomposed and recombined at high temperature, which becomes no inorganic matter for life and blocks. The path of survival and growth of wood-eating insects and decaying fungi makes the wood anti-corrosive, and the service life is significantly prolonged (durable). If properly maintained, the service life can reach 30 years.

3.Environmental protection: During the pyrolysis process, the wood only contacts water vapor. There is no chemical composition in the environment where the wood is located, which is absolutely environmentally friendly. It is definitely a pure green natural friendly material. Recycle or dispose of with any restrictions.

4. Stability: Under the action of high temperature, the carbonized wood of Guizhou has its own wet line shifted down, which is hardly affected by changes in the external environmental humidity. Its geometric size is quite stable, which greatly enhances the stability of the wood.

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