Guizhou Finnish Wood and Outdoor Finnish Wood

Guizhou Finnish Wood and Outdoor Finnish Wood

Finnish wood outdoors

The Finnish wood sales manufacturer in Guizhou said that the Nordic pine has good structural properties, with an air-dry density of 0.54 g / cm3 (dry material weight is about 540 kg / m3). The texture is uniform and fine, with high quality. Nordic Korean pine grows in cold regions. It is a slow-growing tree species with dense wood, low fat content, wood fiber texture, small knots, and higher strength than most softwood species.

How to distinguish Finnish wood in Guizhou

Finnish wood uses ACQ preservatives without arsenic and chromium. ACQ is the abbreviation for ammonia-soluble quaternary ammonia copper. ACQ preservative is a new environmentally friendly preservative developed rapidly in recent years. Compared with traditional CCA preservatives, ACQ does not contain heavy metal chromium and highly toxic arsenic, which has minimal impact on humans, livestock and the environment, and has good antiseptic properties. Therefore, the preservative wood product treated with ACQ preservative is a safe and environmentally friendly product.

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