23 Jun.
Guizhou Muzhimei Anticorrosive Wood Co., Ltd.

Guizhou Muzhimei Anticorrosive Wood Co., Ltd. is a landscape wood integrity enterprise that integrates professional R & D, design, production, operation and service. The company has professional designers, quality control personnel and production and construction teams, and has a strict quality assurance system and installation procedures. The company has always been based on market demand, and its products integrate green environmental protection, people-oriented, and scientific and technological innovation, and have been trusted and favored by users. The products of our company mainly use imported Pinus sylvestris var.mongolica, Southern pine, Finnish pine, African pineapple grid and Indonesian pineapple grid as materials. We use a variety of imported environmentally friendly preservatives for diversified production of products to meet different market needs. The company introduces international advanced production technology and chooses environmentally friendly ACQ and CCA antiseptics. Before the antiseptic treatment, the wool is strictly screened and classified. After the wood is formed, it is protected from high pressure and injected with a protective agent under vacuum to ensure structural stability. We carry out special treatment of wood in strict accordance with production standards. The entire production process is digitally and accurately monitored to ensure that the wood can achieve the purpose of antisepsis, bacteria, termites, and environmental protection, and its antiseptic performance reaches international standards. The company currently has an anticorrosive treated wood product line and precision woodworking machinery processing equipment, and has a large indoor spot warehouse and professional steam drying equipment, which can be further processed according to market needs and product production requirements. Our company mainly produces various anticorrosive wood products such as gazebos, wooden houses, wooden corridors, wooden bridges, antique wooden buildings, garden sketches, etc. The rich products are widely used in tourist attractions, leisure resorts, parks and villas. At present, the country has taken the development of environmental protection, energy saving, and low-carbon buildings as the future development trend of Chinese housing, and promoting the sustainable use of renewable resources as one of China's strategic choices in the future. Our company keeps pace with the times, seizes business opportunities, and vigorously develops the wooden house industry. After hard work, it has created excellent performance. The wooden houses are spread all over the province and have been widely recognized by customers. The company is willing to build the "Wooden Beauty Anticorrosive Wood" brand into a trustworthy quality brand in the anticorrosive wood industry, and to consumers who seek a high quality of life Provide green, healthy, ecological and environmentally friendly anti-corrosion wood structure products.

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