23 Jun.
Guizhou Guizundian Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

Guizhou Guizundian Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, design, production, sales and installation of wooden structures. The company has a high-end design and development team that can provide thousands of styles of various types of wooden structure residential suites. (According to national standards) and the design drawings certified by the national Class A design unit, with the annual production capacity of tens of thousands of square meters of wooden houses. The company adopts industrial prefabricated methods to produce wooden structure houses. It uses imported wood combined with the world's advanced wooden house equipment and technology. After strict wood collection, sawn wood processing, drying, splicing, tongue and groove, cutting, and processing into different wood according to different types of houses Profiles. The project is assembled on site to ensure the quality of the construction and installation of the wooden house. Products include: heavy. Light-duty Chinese-European structure wooden house, beam-column structure wooden house, Japanese-style wooden house, large wooden clubhouse, mobile wooden house, children's wooden house, wooden beach house, wooden sauna, wooden kiosk, wooden sentry box , Wood structure engineering, etc. and the design, construction and development of holiday cottages. The company takes "low carbon, nature, harmony" as its design concept, "builds the best wooden house in the southwest" as its mission, "creates value and serves the society" as its business concept, and "unites, integrity, quality and win-win" For the spirit of the enterprise, to lead the future of the wooden house with technology, meet the needs of users with innovation, and serve the users wholeheartedly. Guizhou Guizundian Wood Industry Co., Ltd. has been highly recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Guiyang and Fuzhou set up two branches. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business.

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