25 Apr.
Guiyang antiseptic wood interior decoration

With the increase in the number of people who own villas, the use of anti-corrosion wood in Guizhou is also increasing. The anti-corrosion wood in Guizhou is first of all solid wood, and because it is solid wood, it will crack, corrode, and deform. It is quite exquisite, and the preservative wood produced usually has a thirty-year service life. The branches and leaves of anticorrosive wood in Guizhou are lush. These pavilions are surrounded by lush trees. A group of natural wild fun. In the summer, the forest is shaded, the breeze hits, the sun is hidden in the forest, the birds are crying, and the mountains are deep and quiet. The purpose is to invent a fresh and relaxed environment and simple and natural elegant taste for the pavilion. As Ouyang Xiu said: empty forest unmanned bird vocal music, ancient wood towering branches; underneath there are strange stones and horizontal trees. Of course, building a wooden platform is not only paving the wood according to the process requirements, Guiyang antiseptic wood also has a large decoration potential. If the wooden platform is connected to the house, it can play a good role in connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces. On the contrary, the oblique pavement emphasizes the diagonal relationship; laying the wood like a floor tile into a checkerboard is compact and tight. If you change the width of the wood, you can produce a different sense of rhythm; and the clever use of color can create a variety of styles and atmosphere. After Wang Mang usurped the Han to establish a short-lived "new" regime and a peasant uprising, the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 AD a year) unified the country. Luoyang, the capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty, inherited the situation of the centralized empire of the Western Han Dynasty. The privileged landlords in the roundwood landlord class in Guiyang gradually transformed into nobles. The powerful local nobles have two inner and outer city walls, as well as large garden landscapes. The outer city is 70 miles away from Guofang. There is also a small city inside the outer city, Miyagi, also known as the King City, which gathers many nobles to live. It is also an area dedicated to the sacrifice of ancestors. Qiu Zhao in the southern suburbs where government agencies and military camps are located. There are palace ceremonial architectural complex temples such as Dazong Temple, Khao Kung Palace, Luding and Mingtang.

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