3 Mar.
Guiyang anti-corrosion wood pavilion manufacturers

Guizhou anticorrosive wood pavilion manufacturer Guiyang anticorrosive wood antique pavilion is elegant and unique texture and reasonable price

Our company chooses imported wood: Pinus sylvestris, Southern pine, Finnish wood, pineapple grid, willow wood, mountain camphor wood, Balao wood, Douglas fir and other anticorrosive wood, carbonized wood, carved wood, etc.; mainly suitable for; Scenic areas, wetland parks, outdoor gardening gardens, outdoor leisure places, resorts, farmhouses, docks and bridges, gardens, squares, streets, communities, villas, bars, courtyards, municipal engineering, etc. We can produce and process according to customers' drawings and samples. Types of wooden houses (1) European-style wooden houses European-style wooden houses fully absorb the creative essence and traditional artistic style of Russian and Eastern European wooden houses, and are based on many inspections of Russian wooden house manufacturers such as Yakusk. 2. Designed and produced in accordance with the current international and domestic demand of the wooden house market.

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Guiyang anti-corrosion wood pavilion manufacturers

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