23 Jun.
Guifu Anticorrosive Wood Company

The materials selected by Guifu Anticorrosive Wood Company include American Southern Pine, Red Cedar, Russian Scotch Pine, Nordic Red Pine, Pineapple Lattice, Camphor Wood, Willow Eucalyptus Wood, Golden Silk Teak, Chicken Wing Wood, Sapele, Tully, Honghua Pear , Pakistan flowers and trees. The production of anti-corrosion wood introduces the current advanced anti-corrosion processing system, adopts a new generation of non-toxic and pollution-free environmental protection anti-corrosion agent ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary copper alkyl ammonium) for special treatment of wood, after special treatment of wood can achieve anti-ant insects , Anti-fungal corrosion, staining, mildew resistance, the entire production process uses automatic monitoring to accurately control the penetration and retention of wood and chemicals. In order to meet market demands and participate in the construction of a modern garden city, Guifu Anticorrosive Wood Industry Company specially established this company. Form an enterprise engaged in wood anti-corrosion treatment, research and production as one, adopt modern management concepts, select top-quality wood, and strictly follow the AWPA-2006UC3B grade standard of the American Corrosion Association and domestic GB50206-2002 "Classification and demand for anti-corrosion wood use" Standard, Japan (2002) standard production, to ensure that it has been used outdoors for more than 20 years. Guifu Anticorrosive Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is based on quality, scientific management, reputation for market and quality for development. Pursue progress, promote social development, honesty and trustworthiness, mutual benefit and win-win business philosophy. People-oriented, down-to-earth, realistic and realistic, advancing with the times, customer first, dedication to the spirit of society. Every employee is required to continue to develop, improve themselves, and provide our customers with convenient and high-quality services. Our goal is to create excellent preservative wood. We have perfect and advanced equipment and an outstanding team of famous experts and professors. Our Guifu preservative wood has won the recognition of major landscapes and users at home and abroad with excellent quality, exquisite design and superb craftsmanship. And to establish good cooperative relations with major landscape, real estate developers and colleagues in the industry.

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