25 Mar.
General knowledge of garden ancient building construction

Many ancient customers do not quite understand the performance of this link in the construction of ancient buildings. In fact, the reinforcement of wooden structures in the construction of ancient buildings is mainly to improve the performance of wooden structures and make them more durable. The editor then took everyone to understand the common sense of the ancient garden construction project. Why is it like this? The key material in the construction of ancient buildings is wood. Wood as the main framework material will form a flexible frame. Because the walls are not load-bearing, this structure gives the building great flexibility, thereby producing a wooden building structure. This method can not only meet the needs of the building structure, but also create a more prominent architectural style . The key technology of this kind of wooden structure system is tenon-and-tenon structure, which gives wooden structures flexible structural features. Because the wood's own stiffness is relatively small and its mass is relatively light, it has a good seismic effect. For the maintenance wall in the construction of the wooden structure of the ancient building project, it can ensure that the original appearance is not removed, and the damaged wall can be simply removed. In this step, the strength of the wall itself can be improved by means of pressure spraying or grouting. In order to reduce the impact of the earthquake on the wall, it is necessary to reduce the weight of the wall itself in actual work and adopt a lightweight and high-strength wooden wall structure as much as possible. The construction of the ancient garden construction project is also particular about it. In the ancient construction project, we must understand the corresponding design concepts and design principles, which can bring us better experience.

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