Four steps to install anticorrosive wood gazebo

Four steps to install anticorrosive wood gazebo

The installation method and construction procedure of the anticorrosive wood pavilion: Process: plain soil compaction-200 thick large solid 50 thick gravel backfill C15 plain concrete cushion 100 thick reinforced concrete independent foundation. First, the plain soil is compacted

1.When excavating the foundation, mechanical excavation should be reserved for manual excavation of 10-20cm.

2.When digging too deep, it cannot be backfilled with soil.

3. When the design elevation is excavated, the tamping method can be used to compact the plain soil to meet the design requirements of the ramming compaction of the plain soil. Second, backfill with 50 thick gravel

1.Use artificial machinery for construction, dump trucks to transport 50 thick gravel, and then manually backfill the formation.

2.Before paving the road, all the surrounding floating soil and debris are removed, and the water is wet.

3.There is no obvious segregation phenomenon, paving gravel, or using fine aggregate caulking treatment. After leveling and transformation, manual compaction to achieve the required density.

Third, the concrete cushion

1. The height of the discharge opening of the concrete shall not exceed 2m of the pouring concrete surface.

2.Concrete pouring should be continuous stratification, generally 1.25 times of stratification, and the maximum thickness of the vibrator part should not exceed 50cm long.

3.When using a plug-in vibrator, a slow plug should be inserted, and the insertion points

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