28 Sept.
Dali WPC manufacturers teach you how to choose wood pavilions

Now more and more communities, parks, and schools are beginning to pay attention to the construction of pavilions and green spaces, but many customers have no experience in the purchase of pavilions. Xiaofeng from the Dali wood-plastic manufacturer will tell you that the plastic-wood pavilion focuses on Select points. 1. Appearance First of all, the most important point in the choice of plastic wood pavilion is to look at the appearance of the pavilion. The appearance here refers to the details of the workmanship of the pavilion. The pavilion is well-made, whether there are gaps in the connection and inlay. Whether it is a pillar, a guardrail, a table or chair, and other hand-touchable places, it is smooth and has no thorny places. It is not only beautiful, easy to manage and use, but also safe, so there is no need to worry about children getting injured when playing in the plastic wood pavilion. 2. Material selection The next important point in the selection of plastic wood pavilions is the selection of materials for the pavilion. Many customers think that the materials of WPC are similar. In fact, the formulas of products of different companies are different, and the quality of the products is of course different. Hunan Lvguang Landscape New Material Co., Ltd. has 12 utility model patents, 8 invention patents, and confidential formula. The plastic wood material produced by the secret formula has high strength, high hardness, long life, good processability, beautiful features, and patented technology. ,Quality assurance. 3. The style and size are the most important point in the choice of plastic wood pavilion. The pavilion is roughly divided into four corners, hexagonal, octagonal, double-layer, three-layer, special-shaped, etc. Consumers are advised to look at the styles in advance, measure the specific sizes, and choose the right styles. The pavilion with both practicality and beauty is not only a good place to play in the cool, but also a scenic line in the green space. 4. The last thing to pay attention to is the production process of the pavilion. Standardized production process is the guarantee of quality. Lvguang Company has established a professional production line, and implements group production of the various components of the pavilion, and uniformly transports them to the destination for installation, which guarantees both efficiency and quality. Professional production is trustworthy. I hope the above content is helpful to everyone. If you have any questions about WPC, please feel free to consult Dali WPC manufacturers.

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