25 Apr.
Daily maintenance of anticorrosive wood gazebo in Guiyang

Daily maintenance of the anti-corrosion wood gazebo in Guiyang In order to ensure the daily maintenance of the anti-corrosion wood gazebo, under normal circumstances, tools such as rags, buckets, glass scrapers, feather dusters, brooms, mops, etc. should be provided in the gazebo; Up and down, clean from the inside out; first clean the dust and spider webs on the wall with a feather duster; sweep the dust on the tables and chairs with the doorman ’s toll booth, sweep the floor with a broom, and wipe the table again with a clean cloth Chairs and doors, windows, glass; if there are other office equipment in the duty room, they should be cleaned at the same time; mop the ground and aisles and pavilions with a clean mop; wipe the desk and chair on duty with a damp cloth, wash the cloth, then wipe the door, Window and gazebo outer wall; after cleaning the gazebo, use aluminum tarpaulin on duty pavilion to watch the pavilion; visually without dust, stains, cigarette butts, debris, transparent glass doors and windows, no stains; pour a little detergent when stained , Clean once a day. The above are the things that must be done in the daily maintenance of the gazebo. This can not only maintain the daily hygiene in the gazebo, but also effectively prevent the impact of the gazebo rust and other problems on the life of the gazebo. Some gazebos have been left for a long time without being cleaned in time, and there are some rust or stains on the gazebos. At this time, to clean these aluminum alloy surfaces, you only need to take some double flying powder and wipe them with a rag. The same is as bright as new, I do n’t believe you try Try it. Everything needs to be maintained while using, and so is the gazebo. Cleaning is a necessity in our work and life. We must ensure that our jobs are clean and tidy in our work. In our lives, we need to clean our houses. Working with a gazebo is no exception. Although it is relatively small, it is “complete with five internal organs”. As long as we do the cleaning work, it is also very convenient in use and gives a clean feeling.

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