27 Apr.
Carbonized wood has antiseptic effect

Guizhou Anticorrosive Wood Wholesale-The surface carbonized wood is a pure natural anticorrosive wood, which is not poisonous. The surface of the carbonized surface has a bumpy feel, producing a three-dimensional effect, clear texture, relatively healthy and stylish, and simple and elegant. The price of deep carbonized wood furniture is not expensive, and it is similar to that of ordinary furniture. Although its appearance looks rough, it is more in line with the natural style. But will the deep carbonized wood preservative be damaged by cutting? There is no need to worry about it, because of its processing technology, no matter how it is manipulated, its anticorrosive performance will not be affected. Uses of carbonized wood: Recommended uses of carbonized wood are: outdoor wall panels, outdoor furniture, outdoor floors, outdoor wooden doors, wooden shutters, gardening sketches, interior decoration, swimming pools, parking garages, roof decoration, beach guardrails, outdoor swings, wooden houses ,Wait. Guiyang Carbonized Wood is healthy and fashionable. Many flower boxes and flower stands use carbonized wood as the surface material. Carbonized wood is strongly recommended for wood: Pinus sylvestris var.mongolica and Meisong. The texture of Meisong is relatively clear. The meridian of the wood is obviously thick. Simple and elegant. Second, larch, southern pine. Carbonized wood is healthy and stylish. Many flower boxes and flower racks use carbonized wood as the material. Carbonized wood can also be used as the door head. It is loved by consumers and gives a close feeling. In addition, from the perspective of customers, the door is also unique. Can attract more consumers. Carbonized wood can also be used as a door, loved by consumers. The size of outdoor carbonized anticorrosive wood can be customized. The conventional size is roughly the same as the size of anticorrosive wood on the market. For example: 100 × 100, 95 × 95, 200 × 200, 300 × 300, 25 × 150, 25 × 300, 30 × 400, 30 × 250, 50 × 150, 50 × 200 (unit: MM). Etc. The lengths are: 3 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, etc.

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