25 Mar.
Benefits of using Kunming high-end Finnish wooden outdoor flooring?

Benefits of using Kunming high-end Finnish wooden outdoor flooring?

Finnish wood is of high quality and excellent quality, which is a cost-effective field construction wood. The outdoor scene decorated with Finnish wood can make the environment more environmentally friendly and the air warmer. The important reason is that the wood texture will give people a different experience than the general floor. It will not only carry more weight but also a knot. Strong and natural. Kunming's high-end Finnish wood-wood flooring is used in the wild. In addition to satisfying the pressure resistance to be satisfied, it can withstand the trample of people, and also face the sun, rain and fungus. Generally, wood can not be used for a long time, and it will present various problems: mold, crack, decay, moth, short life of wooden floor, and even cause safety problems. The use of Finnish wooden flooring perfectly solves these problems. It can effectively resist fungi and worms, and has a longer service life and is more secure. Finnish wood has very good structural properties, and its texture is uniform and fine. After being treated with ACQ preservative and secondary kiln drying, it has the special ability of antifungal, anticorrosive and termite resistance, and is suitable for use in the wild environment. . Finnish wood has the advantages of moderate price, good antiseptic quality, high quality wood, small color difference, and less scars, etc., which is very suitable for creating materials for wild wood flooring.

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