Anshun Antiseptic Wood Kiosk Wholesale Antiseptic Wood Garden

Anshun Antiseptic Wood Kiosk Wholesale Antiseptic Wood Garden

Wood preservation in Guiyang is to dry, degrease and pretreat the wood in a closed pressure vessel. First, most of the air outside the wood cell nucleus is extracted under vacuum. Then, under certain pressure and vacuum conditions, repeatedly add wood preservatives (preservatives must be broad-spectrum anti-corrosion, anti-loss wood). It is harmless to humans and animals, and has good technical performance and economic benefits. It penetrates into the wood cell tissue and solidifies and stabilizes after a period of time, so that the preservative can effectively react with wood cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin to achieve the purpose of preventing loss and decomposition, so that the wood structure can achieve this. Resist the erosion of various harmful factors, even in a variety of harsh environments can also be durable, in normal use for at least about 20 years.

1. Several characteristics of anticorrosive wood

1. Natural, environmentally friendly and safe (primary wood color, slightly green)

2. The second step. Anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, moth-proof and termite-proof.

3. In order to improve the stability of wood, the protection of outdoor wood structure is more important.

4. Easy to paint and color, according to the design requirements, can achieve a beautiful effect.

5. It can meet various design requirements and produce various kinds of high-quality garden landscapes.

6. The contact effect with wet soil or hydrophilicity is particularly significant, to meet the

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