27 Apr.
A Brief Talk on the Solutions to the Cracking of Anticorrosive Wood in Guizhou

What should I do if the preservative wood is cracked? Guizhou Antiseptic Wood Wholesale Editor tells you:

What should I do if the preservative wood is cracked? Preservative wood is exposed to rain and rain for a long time, and sometimes it will produce cracks. This is a very common problem. If you let the preservative wood dry and crack, it will definitely affect the normal use of preservative wood in Guizhou. This site teaches you some common sense to deal with the cracking of anti-corrosion wood in Guizhou. Why does the preservative wood crack? There are many reasons for this. The important point here is that we can find a solution to the dry cracking of the preservative wood: wood cracking is a normal phenomenon, and all wood will crack. This is inevitable. Some people say that tung oil is used. The infiltration will not crack. In fact, otherwise, the train sleepers are fully infiltrated with tung oil. Why do they still crack? The cracking of the wood requires everyone ’s later maintenance. Every year after summer, it needs to be repaired with marble glue. Then, when painting wood oil, why should everyone use wood oil brush? There is no better substitute for wood oil. Do not brush tung oil, especially light-colored products, because tung oil will become black for a long time. If you do n’t believe it, you can see the sleepers of the train track to understand. Secondly, wood oil is permeable, which can effectively lock the moisture inside the wood and reduce cracking and deformation.

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